Calling all MCWS Dads for a Fun Friday!

3rd Annual MCWS All Dads Bonfire THIS FRIDAY NIGHT AT 6 PM: Calling all Maine Coast Waldorf School dads! (And if you aren’t one—but love one—please make sure yours is free to join us!) By now, we hope you’ve all heard that the 3rd Annual Maine Coast Waldorf All Dads Bonfire is lighting up this Friday night. If you can’t spend the whole night, don’t fret. Just swing by for a few hours. In any case, read on for a sense of what to expect.

If you’ve been to Burning Man, just use your packing list for the Playa. If not, here is a quick rundown:

Date: This Friday, November 18 (4 nights from now).
Time: 6 pm. Some will stay for a few hours; some lunatics will camp out overnight.
Who: Dads from all MCWS grades — early childhood, lower grades, middle school and high school, along with alumni dads and even granddads!
Where: SAME LOCATION AS LAST YEAR. The fire will be blazing in the back field of the Peterson property, west of the wooded ravine beside the main parking lot. We’ll mark an entrance across from the lower grades building. Look for the fire and the people.
Parking: Best parking will be in the upper grassy parking area on the Peterson property with overflow in the main school parking lot.
Food: This is a self-supported event. If you think you might get hungry, bring food. If you want to cook over an open flame, we’ll have a bonfire (and a grill).
Highly recommended gear: Camp chair, headlamp and warm clothes.
Other stuff to bring: Fun gear like light up golf balls and Frisbees, musical instruments, burning man effigy and camping gear, if you plan on spending the night.

That’s it! Our goal is simple: get Dads in the school together so we can have some fun. Please feel free to come for a few hours — come early, come late. But whatever you do, be there! This evening will be the stuff of legend.
See you all Friday night.
Michael Stefanakos, [email protected], 917.279.4646
p.s. The forecast for Friday is looking as good as we could imagine — 40 degrees and clear. But we will be there regardless. As your children know well from Kindergarten: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices.”
p.p.s. On the fence? Don’t waver. Glory (and good times) await.