Mountain Bikers Raced Through the Fall

Maine Coast Waldorf Schoolers have been riding mountain bikes all over New England this fall. Owen Stefanakos, G8, competed in the Northern New England High School Mountain Bike Race Series at three races—Portsmouth, NH, Gould Academy in Bethel, and the series championship at Highland Mountain Bike Park in Northfield, NH, on Oct. 29th. Conditions for the final race were cold, rainy and deeply muddy, but fans still lined up along the course to cheer for the 400 high school students from 29 schools.

Owen was competitive as one of three independent racers, and he learned a lot about training, mass starts and race strategy in the process. Best of all, he is excited to tackle the race series again next year!

Before venturing off on his own, Owen was lucky to compete with Seamus Woodruff and Eliza Skillings, both G8, at the demanding 12 Hours of Bradbury endurance mountain bike race at Bradbury Mountain State Park on Sept. 17. The young relay team, “Bad News Travels Fast,” finished fourth in a crowded and competitive three-person junior team category against many riders mature enough to sport beards. This was the first time racing at Bradbury for Seamus and Eliza, who, with Owen, completed 11 7-mile laps in 12 hours, including one in the dark.

If mountain biking is fun, mountain biking with friends is WICKED fun! (You teach each other tricks, push each other on and chat when you stop to catch your breath in the beautiful Maine woods.) Interested in joining a mountain bike club (for all abilities) and/or racing with other Maine Coast middle and high schoolers? Please contact Michael Stefanakos at [email protected] or 917-279-4646.