The Wit and Wisdom of the Class of 2017

For the past two weeks, the seniors have been exploring a number of authors chiefly responsible for awakening the literary genius of nineteenth century America—Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, Walt Whitman among them. Each writer exhorted people to find their own voices, to rely upon their own individual genius. In the spirit of this celebration of the self, I asked students to write an “original sentence,” that is, some thought that they believed had never been expressed in quite the same words that they chose. Below you will find the fruits of their efforts. David Sloan

“Letting go of past mistakes and regrets is like leaping from a mountain, expecting to fall, and discovering you have wings.” Emma Goldberg-Courtney

“The struggle of humanity is like the flow of rapid waters over a rock. Every individual drop of water is thrown into its own unique path, yet the flow of the water always looks the same.” Davis Ritger

“A pebble has more to do with the water it runs with than the mountain it came from.” Sylvie Fenderson

“The hungry man with no teeth must learn to fashion a straw.” Lila Bossi

“Every person strives to leave a mark on society; but as the tide rises and sinks, even the deepest footprints are washed away.”Fiona Libby

“Who ate the first chicken egg, and why did anyone ever repeat the action?” Ciara Murphy-Anderson

“The rawest from of our being is in a constant state of struggle with the version of ourselves that is graces by morality gained through societal influence. Like a dog straining relentlessly against a leash, eyes fixed on a nearby piece of meat, so do our morals hold us back from pursuing what it is that we truly are.” Thomas Kolle

“Evolution endorses homo sapiens who are simultaneously egotistic and altruistic. Any social order that does not take this intrinsic duality into account will be either inhumane or unsustainable.” Sarah Norden

“I wonder if our galaxy is like an atom; one of many identical components of a cell, that represents one of many universes.” Maxime Rumiel

“Why must trees and plants and houses dwell here, in the end ephemeral, sinking their roots into the crust of the earth to drain its nutrients, its life-blood, water, like mosquitos pierce and drain us?” Riley Smith

“It is through dreaming that the ad hoc circuitry of falsehood is redesigned to output truth.” Dylan Wu

“Gaining knowledge is like eating a carton of ice cream; there will be a point when you are full, or the ice cream will be gone from the container, preventing you from consuming anymore.” Cassandra Albano

“The waves of our past will still lap at our future.” Ava Haag

“After an animal dies, it gives back to the world. When we die, are we returned to Mother Earth, or sent somewhere else?” Thomas McLaughlin

“Do we farm the earth or does it farm us?” Sabrina Small

“History, like the ocean, is full of life, but if you go too deep, you will drown.” Tucker Pierce