Construction Update – Pre-Halloween Edition

One Campaign construction news:  The diggers are digging! The diggers are digging! Hopefully, you’ve seen that excavation for the new foundation for the offices in Community Hall is underway. And is it just me, or does the fence keep moving further and further out? We should keep an eye on this as we head into the beginning of next week, you know, before it takes over.  What’s next week you ask?  Well, much to the excitement of the Grades teachers,  excavation starts on the Grades 1-4 building!  Does the progress seem slow, or fast?  Seems slow to me.  Either way, we are currently on schedule to complete phase 1 in February.  What’s even better is that I’ve heard rumors that the sound of digging is quite soothing and has been a great benefit to each of the music classes.  Hooray Phase 1!

I know, I know, the question everyone is asking: when are they going to start digging the giant hole that will eventually be filled in with a High School?  Great question! Thank you for asking! The short answer, and believe me, you want the short answer, is that we are still waiting for a permit.  And yes, 12 weeks is a terribly long time to wait for a permit that will kick off an entire project.  However, thanks to a very helpful parent and Freeport state house representative Sara Gideon, the wheels of state government have been lurched back into action and we should have it soon! Our incredible team continues to work tirelessly on the new high school, and believe me, the amount of detail that goes into planning a new high school building would BLOW YOUR MIND.  So, for now, say it with me:  Dig that hole! Dig that hole!

We will continue to update you through this blog, and in our outstanding new Instagram feed mainecoastwaldorfschool , and online at

Enjoy the long weekend!  Have wonderful conferences with your teacher(s)!  Happy Halloween!