Greetings from Squirrel’s Attic

We are finishing up with our last craft morning today.  They were a great success with many willing hands to make treasures for our little ones.  If you weren’t able to be there and still want to help out, Please sign up for a shift to work in The Squirrel’s Attic at the fair.  It’s a fun way to connect with other MCWS parents and see the wonder in our children’s eyes as they step into the market.  Click here for the sign up link.

We are happy to present the last in a series of DIY craft ideas for this year’s Fall Fair.
Woodland Owls
Materials needed: Pine cones, horse chestnuts or acorns (it is helpful to bake the acorns to make sure there aren’t any critters casting away)
optional (googly eyes)
To Make: Cut felt to make wings and eyes, glue onto found item, let dry and Voila!  Woodland Owls!
Here is a link with more a picture tutorial:

There is a basket in the EC building and in the grade school office for donations.
Many thanks, Emily Kurucz and Jennifer Pickrel