We have been given a challenge…

A wonderful challenge, that speaks to the generosity and spirit of this community!  As you know, we are only $300,000 away from reaching our Campaign goal of raising $4.1 million.  This truly speaks to the depth this school reaches into our hearts.  We are all golden shovel here to give this gift of Waldorf education to our children and our grandchildren and our most sincere thanks to those families who came before us to begin this school and to continue its growth and strength in community.

It is because of this deep gratitude that a grandparent has generously offered a $100,000 challenge gift to help us raise the final $300,000.  What does this mean?  Well, for starters, it’s a 2 for 1 deal!

For every $2 dollars you give,  $1 will be matched as a boost to your gift until we reach our goal.  Your gift of $200 now has an additional $100.  Just as our annual appeal shows strong community support, we hope this inspirational challenge ignites your desire to support the One Campaign.  The donor has challenged us to raise these funds before the holiday break, so we encourage all of you to meet with any of our solicitors or to go to our website and donate today!

Please take the challenge and help us raise these final funds!  We are in the home stretch and are hoping to reach our goal of $4.1 million with 100% participation by December 31st!


Find additional information:  mainecoastwaldorf.org/one-campaign

Follow construction progress on Instagram: instagram.com/mainecoastwaldorfschool

Check out our  video page: mainecoastwaldorf.org/video-gallery