Please say yes!

A wonderful group of parents are helping the One Campaign. They are reaching out to every family in the school, asking you to meet to discuss the campaign and how your family might be able to support it.  It isn’t easy for anyone to ask for money, nor is it easy to ask someone to meet, knowing the topic of money will surely be discussed.  They are doing this out of their deep commitment and passion for the school, and for the One Campaign building projects.  When they call, text, email, or talk to you on the path, please, please say “yes” and “thank you”.  “Yes”, you would be happy to meet and talk about how you might consider supporting the One Campaign, and please also say “thank you” for volunteering.

Dana Anderson
Masey Kaplan
Lisa Lukis
Jeanne Mattson
Sarah Pierce
Mark Ruggiero
Michael Stefanakos
Victoria Stefanakos
Tay Veitch
Stacie Hamilton Waldron
Melisa Walker
Susan Wallace-Cowell

Lynne Espy, Development Director

For updates about the One Campaign: