Fall Fair Updates

Fall Fair & Open House, Saturday, November 5th: Fall Fair planning is under way with the Fall Fair a month away! Once again we have numerous enthusiastic activity organizers and we hope with their energy plus the help from every family in the community, it will help to make this year a success. There are activities associated with each class and an Activity Leader from that class will be working closely with the Class Coordinators.  They will communicate needs and expectations to the parents in each of the classes. This will help each parent pinpoint the activity where they can sign up for a volunteer shift. The volunteer sign-up form will be uploaded soon!

If you have some time to offer and can help with your class activity, please contact the activity leader as per the below list. There are still classes that are looking for leaders!
EC: Assist Emily Kurucz, Crafts for the Squirrel’s Attic
1st Grade:  TBA-see Lori Sibunruang, co-lead Young Children’s Outdoor Games with co-lead from 2nd grade
2nd Grade: TBA-see Kara Duffy, co-lead Young Children’s Outdoor Games with co-lead from 1st grade
3rd Grade: TBA, Older Children Outdoor Games
4th Grade:  Julie Yeo-Young Children’s Crafts
5th Grade:  Justyna Benton-Falling Leaves Café
6th Grade:  Elizabeth Horton-Gently Used Outerwear
7th Grade:  Assist with Gently Used Outerwear & Pocket Person; Class Coordinators-Compost & Class Fundraisers
8th Grade: Heidi Randall & Melissa Roberts- Candle Dipping; Class Coordinators-Class Fundraisers & Trash;
EC Faculty: Puppet Shows
Administration: Tickets, Bracelets, Information, Open House, Hannaford Card
High School Parents: Ellen Labbe, soups for Rudolf’s Diner
High School Faculty: Gel Prints, Blacksmithing, French Crepes,
Rudolf’s Diner, Balloon Darts,
German Teacher: German Currywurst & Potato Salad
HS French Teacher: French Crepes
Subject Teachers:  handwork crafts, various music offerings,clean-up
If you have any time to offer and can help with your class activity, please email the above listed contact.

All the Fall Fair activities for children do require a $10.00 bracelet. These activities include: Young Children’s Outdoor Games, Indoor Crafts, Older Children’s Outdoor games, Handwork Crafts, Balloon Darts and Candle Dipping.

There will be various food vendors, some mentioned in the list above as well as French crepes, German sausage, fresh baked goods and Wicked Joe Coffee in the Falling Leaves Café. Also offered is the Gently Used Outerwear sale for kids of all ages, school related items in the School Store, some parent crafters selling handmade items, the Squirrel’s Attic for young shoppers and puppet shows. Puppet Show tickets will be sold in the 1-4 building.

Donated Items Needed:
-Pocket Person: found natural objects from your home such as small gems, trinkets or natural items that fit into a 2X2 pocket.  Leave in Lisa or Deeda’s office in basket.

Squirrel’s Attic: Homemade items that sell for $1 to $3. Join a craft blitz or make something at home. Leave in Lisa or Deeda’s office in basket.

Outerwear: Gently used outerwear of all sizes, ages 2-18. Leave in bins in all buildings.

Fair Day (November 7th)
 is also an Admission Open House so please reach out to anyone who may be interested in learning more about our programs while their children enjoy all the fair festivities.

Bring A Friend! Help us spread the word about Maine Coast Waldorf School and invite them to this wonderful event!

Overall Fair Contact: Mary Martin, [email protected], 865-3900, ext. 113, located in the portable.

cafe Falling Leaves Cafe: It’s that time of year again to get your baking caps on! The Falling Leaves Cafe is calling out for savories and sweets! Desirable savory items are needed such as quiche or fruit, and sweets such as cake, cookies, scones, brownies, cupcakes and muffins.In years past there has been a nice variety of each including items for our gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free patrons. Drop off will be in the Handcraft building Friday, Nov. 4th,  at pick-up or Saturday (Fall Fair) before 10am.