Greetings from the Squirrel’s Attic

For those of you unfamiliar, the Squirrel’s Attic is a sweet marketplace at the Fall Fair for our little ones.  The children can buy crafts made by the EC parents and others.

With cooler mornings ahead it is a nice time to gather in the farmhouse to craft (or learn to craft) some of these items.  Please come to a crafting morning on October 5, 12, 18 or 25 from 8:45 until around 10 to gather, learn a new craft or bring your own craft and connect. In the coming weeks we will be offering suggestions of crafts to contribute as well.

Not feeling crafty? That’s ok! There are two additional ways to help the Squirrel’s Attic be successful for our little ones and for our school. Please consider:
1.      VOLUNTEER for a shift during the fair. This is an easy and enjoyable hour of your time. Keep an eye on the Tuesday News for the sign up link.
2.      DONATE craft supplies to keep our crafters productive. Here is a
partial list of goods needed. See tabs below for specific and urgent
•       Wool roving (any color, though earth tones and rainbow in particular)
•       Cloth ribbon
•       Silk scraps
•       Acorn caps (clean and dry)
•       Fabric scraps (at least 3 x 3”)
•       Clean tree branches or wooden dowels (at least 2’)
•       Wooden peg forms
•       Headbands
•       Pin backs
•       Barrettes
•       Small felted items
•       Beeswax for modeling
•       Cotton wicks
•       Clean river stones
•       Mason jars (4 oz. and wide-mouth pint jars)
•       Small bells
•       Embroidery floss
•       Beeswax sheets and candle wicks
•       Watercolored paper (whole or scraps; this is a great way to re-use “extra” pieces of your child’s artwork)
•       Magnets (small)
•       New or gently used colored and graphite pencils
•       Seaglass
•       Wool yarn
•       Colorful paper (for folding; not construction paper, please)
•       Tea lights or Votives
•       Seed beads and slightly larger (all colors)
•       Craft paint
•       Mini pencils (think bowling alley or mini-golf)

There will be a basket in the EC building for donations.  We hope to see you for some crafting!