Breaking New Ground a Smashing Success

The “Breaking New Ground” party last Friday night was a ‘smashing’ success that celebrated our progress to date and kicked off the Community Phase fundraising portion of the One Campaign.  The volunteers and professionals who are behind these projects shared with the 150 attendees what we are building as part of the One Campaign, and why each project is so important.

It was also announced that, thanks to extraordinarily generous giving, the school has received over $3.8 million in pledges and gifts for the One Campaign.  This includes a $1 million grant from The Windover Foundation.  The important message of the evening was that gifts of all sizes will be needed to raise the remaining $300,000 needed to make our fundraising goal.  Whether the gift is the loose change from a young student’s “giving jar” or a transformative large gift from a foundation, every gift makes a difference and is valued.

Over the next month, the Cabinet and a wonderful addition of solicitors, will reach out to every current family to ask you to have a conversation about how you can be a part of the success of this campaign by making a tax-deductible contribution.

We extend our deepest thanks to everyone who was part of planning and presenting:

Campus Planning and High School Building Cmts:  Ben Pearson (chair), Amy Eshoo (High School Building Cmt chair), Manning Morrill (Owner’s Rep and cmt member), Steve Konstantino, John Olson, Vito Courtney, Christine Sloan, David Sloan, Rose Mary Burwell, and Susan Sonntag

Campaign Cabinet:  Tay Veitch (co-chair), Lisa Lukis (co-chair), Dana Anderson, Victoria Stefanakos, Melisa Walker, Mark Ruggiero, Kristina Farm-Morrill, David Barham and Mary Sylvester (consultant)

Professional Partners:  Jason Donahue, architect; Phil Kaplan & Jamie Broadbent, Kaplan Thompson Architects; Harry Hepburn, Chris Briley & Alyssa Keating, Briburn Architects; Peter Warren & Dave Merrill, Warren Construction

For more info visit:

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