Students in Grades 6-12 to Help Name Driveway

The Town of Freeport has informed us that to be in compliance with public safety protocol, the driveway on the grade school side of the campus should have a name with each building having a number. In the event of fire or police needing to be dispatched to our campus, the named street and building number will indicate where the first responders should go. This grows increasingly more important as we add new buildings and additions to our campus. While the name will be indicated by a sign in the driveway, this name will not replace our current mailing address of 57 Desert Road. The name should be clear to say/spell over the telephone or two-way radio.

To choose our driveway’s name, the school has decided to tap into our most creative resource for ideas: our student body. In the coming weeks students in grades 6-12 will be working on selections for the driveway naming project. The Marketing Committee will vet the name suggestions and cross reference them with specifications indicated by the town of Freeport. The Faculty will whittle the selections down to three choices. With Board approval, the final three selections will be submitted to the representatives of the Town of Freeport, who ultimately makes the final choice. The community will be informed as soon as the town selection has been made as to the name of the driveway. If you have any questions, comments, or name recommendations, please direct them to [email protected] no later than October 6th. The Marketing Committee