MCWS Families Love the Bus!

We are very happy that our son, Felix (4th grader) can join the school bus! He loves to wait at the bus stop for the arrival of the bus and meet our friendly and welcoming bus driver, the other children, and Mary Bloch.
We would like to say a big, big thank you to the organizers who make this service possible! Nicole and Markus Walther

The bus service from Cape Elizabeth to MCWS has been a game changer for our dual working parent household. The mornings are now much less stressful as our MCWS student picks up the AM bus at the end of our street and takes the PM bus to a Portland stop near his mother’s place of work. This has also been a great growing experience for our MCWS student. Maureen and Eric Kruger

The bus is very fun! I have extra time to talk to my friends. It’s a very comfy ride! MCWS Student
We are so pleased to have the bus service for Aidan this year. It has already made a big difference in the ease of the morning routine. Last year getting to the carpool meeting place on time or being the carpool driver was a stressful start to the day. I am now able to begin work at 9:00 easily and work into the late afternoon or early evening if necessary. It puts me at ease knowing that Aidan will be walking home from the bus stop which is so conveniently close to our house.
Aidan seems more relaxed in general and I believe the bus ride home after school gives him some needed rest and transition time after his day at school.
He has commented on how enjoyable the bus ride is and the friendliness of the driver.
Thank you so much Mary Bloch and the bus committee for putting this in place for all of us who are living at a distance south of school. I am looking forward to attending school meetings and functions without feeling taxed by it being my third trip to Freeport in a day.
We are off to a great start! I hope there will be plenty of interest in the bus to keep it going from here on out. Heather (Aidan’s mom)

Charlie is so content to take the bus each morning. The bus arrives right on time, and he has time to wake up and think before school, and of course it’s a big help to me as primary driver. Jennifer Van West

I didn’t have time to get a paragraph written, but if you could just note that I said it’s a lifesaver and it’s amazing it changes my entire day and my son loves it it’s on time and convenient and it’s the best thing the schools ever done! LOL! No, seriously, it really is a life-saver. Sarah Winslow

Please contact Mary Bloch at 799-2046 for more information about the bus service. All aboard!