Good food for a great cause!

By now, hopefully you have received the PIZZA order form for the 7th grade fundraiser. If you did not receive this form from your child, and you would like to order pizza or salad for your child, please see Lisa in the office. She will have extra forms. Pizza will be delivered beginning Wednesday, September 21st and continuing through the remainder of the school year. We offer pepperoni, cheese, vegan, gluten free and a new special topping (changing every eight weeks). We will also be offering Caesar salad. This is an annual fundraiser that 7th graders take on, and the money goes toward their eight grade trip. It’s also a nice break for parents from making lunches. Please submit the orders and payment by this Thursday (9/15) to the office. Thanks so much for your support! Dana Anderson and Melisa Walker (7th Grade Class Coordinators)