Welcome Back Thoughts Shared at Wildflower Assembly

On Tuesday morning, August 30, we welcomed our new first graders as well as a host of new families, students, faculty and staff in every branch of the school.
We begin the year with 29 new families, 40 new and returning students and 10 new members of our faculty and staff.
In addition, we have four visiting students through our high school international exchange program starting the school year, with more to come throughout the year.

The new faculty and staff joining our work this year:
Caretaker – Brian Kessler
High School
Ann Coltman – German and Humanities, Julie Yeo – Art, Clara Aumann – Amity Intern from France.
Beatrice Perron Dahlen – Handwork in grades 1-3, Ezra Smith – middle grades Math and Science,
Early Childhood
Monika Eichler – Afternoon and after school teacher, Michelle Gordon and Chloe Dowley Assistants in the kindergarten classes.
Administration – Amy Kessler- Admissions assistant.

In addition, we have four faculty members who will be teaching in expanded roles this year in the grade school…Rebecca Brown, our first grade class teacher, Kacie Breault, our gardening and 1st through 4th support and after school program teacher, Sarah Yanni, counselor in the upper grades, and Heidi Drexel, educational support for the grade school.
We look forward to working with all of our new colleagues this year…

For those of you who have attended recent beginning and ending year ceremonies , you have heard my “updates” on the solar powered, single pilot flight around the world that started over a year ago in Abu Dhabi, Solar Impulse 2. The mission of this flight was to show the world that there is potential for efficient technologies to be used in our daily lives. Last September, I shared the exciting details of the longest non-stop leg of the journey from Japan to Hawaii, which took 5 days.

When we gathered at the end of school in June, I promised to keep the community updated about the flight across the Atlantic and then on to Abu Dhabi, where the flight originated. I was a little nervous…What if the plane didn’t make it!

Well, I have good news! Solar Impulse 2 made the flight to NY, and then across the Atlantic Ocean to Spain, without any complications. In July, the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea was completed when the plane landed in Egypt. On July 26, the solar powered plane left Egypt to complete the last leg of the journey, only to run into rough winds that almost crashed the flight! I heard an interview with the pilot , the morning he landed in Abu Dhabi, and he claimed that the last short leg of the flight was more challenging than any other portion of the journey, even the 5 days of flying alone across the Pacific Ocean! He said if he had not had such a trusted and devoted ground crew helping him manage the unexpected wind driven turbulence, he would not have made it safely. He wanted to turn back, but their confidence urged him forward! What courage and vision!

It took seven years to bring this idea to its final goal of circumnavigating the globe, completely powered by the sun!

This Fall, our school is about to see realize a vision that was stated over 30 years ago bya group of founding teachers and parents who imagined a full Waldorf School – from early childhood to 12th grade, located on one campus.

For the last five years, a group of parents and teachers have met to imagine what that campus might look like. Another group of parents and staff began to imagine how that vision would be paid for! Together, teachers, staff, board members and parent volunteers have worked behind the scenes to develop and plan for our school’s vision to be realized. There is no single pilot flying this project, but all of us are a part of the support team to realize this dream!

So how can you all be prepared when the first trucks and excavators begin pulling on to the campus in the next few weeks? First thing is safety in the parking lot at drop off and pick up, and safety, near the construction site. And then, patience, courage, excitement, and vision for the future…all qualities we’ll need this year, when the trucks start rolling in around Sept. 12!

Have a great start to this groundbreaking year! Christine Sloan, Administrator