Reserve your spot on the new bus!

Maine Coast Waldorf School is offering bus service in school year 2016-17! VIP Tour and Charter Bus Company in Portland will be our transportation service provider. The daily round trip service will begin in Cape Elizabeth with stops in South Portland, Portland, and Falmouth. The bus will arrive at the Desert Road Campus at 7:50am and then depart for the Pineland Campus at 7:55am. In the afternoon, the bus will leave Pineland at 3:00pm and arrive at Desert Road at 3:20pm continuing to Cape Elizabeth with stops in Falmouth, Portland, and South Portland. The route will be designed based on demand.

Families may choose to use this service in the mornings only or both in the morning and afternoon. The bus service is offered for students in first grade through twelfth grade. If you have children in the Early Childhood program or other questions, please give us a call.

Rates for FULL YEAR service (from August 30, 2016 to June 9, 2017) are:
Cape Elizabeth to Desert Road
5-Day Round Trip: $2,350
5-Day One Way: $1,670
10 Ride card: $100
One Time Ride Fee: $15

Desert Road to Pineland
5-Day Round Trip: $600
5-Day One Way: Not Available
10 Ride card: Not Available
One Time Ride Fee: Not Available

Full year rates are calculated at $14 per round trip for the 166 days of the school year. In 2016, the IRS calculates it cost $0.54 to drive a personal vehicle one mile. That includes fuel, maintenance, depreciation and insurance. One round trip from Portland to MCWS is 34 miles or $18. Add afternoon pick up and we are at $36/day! It doesn’t take long to see why a bus service will save families money. And while a bus gets lower mpg (usually about 8 mpg), it makes up for it because it carries more people, offsetting cost and CO2 for many cars.

Please complete the attached contract and return to the school with your $250 deposit by August 10, 2016. Billing for the bus service can be included in your monthly TADS arrangement.

Help spread the word and let your family and friends know that this service is happening. If you have questions or better yet want Mary Bloch to save a seat for your child or children, call her at 799-2046. All aboard! MCWS Business Office 865-3900 ext. 101