Interested in Maine Coast Waldorf School, and want more information?

For information regarding Admissions for early childhood through high school, please call 207-865-3900, Ext. 103 or email [email protected].

Mailing Address
Maine Coast Waldorf School
57 Desert Road
Freeport, Maine 04032

Early Childhood Center & Grades 1 – 12
Grade School Phone: 207-865-3900
Grade School Fax: 207-865-6822

High School Phone: 207-688-8989
High School Fax: 207-688-8992

Email Contact Directory

Administrator: Christine Sloan, [email protected]
Admissions Director: Lyn Baird, [email protected]
Development Director: Lynne Espy, [email protected]
Finance Director: Barbara Guffin, [email protected]
Public Relations Coordinator: Deeda Burgess, [email protected]
Events Coordinator: Mary Martin, [email protected] 
Office Manager: Lisa Mainella, [email protected]
High School Office Manager: Susan Sonntag, [email protected]
Caretaker: Brian Kessler, [email protected] 

Board of Directors
Board Member List 2016 - 2017